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17 Hedgeway Court
The seven interiors which make up 17 hedgeway court are essentially a portrait of my late Great Aunt Caryl. She was widowed before I was born and lived in an early 1900’s house she and her husband bought when they were first married.
All through my youth we would visit her at her home, creating many family memories. Toward the end of her life I photographed the interior spaces with a rented Hasselblad Super Angulon lens at the perspective of a small child. While working on the series of paintings from these photographs, I infused the images with my memories, putting in objects not in the photographs, but that related to Aunt Caryl’s life. For example, in the Living Room painting, I included a bouquet of irises on a chair in the back of the room and a Wedgewood plate in the foreground with baseball cards from the 1960s. Each room tells a different story about her life and the family members who would visit her there.