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Fine Art
I used to only use my photographs as reference material for my paintings/drawings, but for the past 10 years I’ve elevated these images to works of art in their own rite. Workshops with Stephen Johnson helped me focus on seeing the world through the lens and using my training as a painter to help compose images.

My fine art photography features landscapes, portraiture and dance. With Stephan Johnson (, trips to Iceland and Ecuador as well as workshops with him at PhotoExpo, NY have been instrumental to a developed vision. The landscapes are in essence an artistic view of my travels around home and afar.

The dance photos have been a long collaboration with Keene State College choreographers Marcia Murdock and William Seigh and their talented dance students. For over 12 years we’ve been working together to come up with new and exciting ways to depict the dynamic forms and movements the dancers perform.

Portraiture, whether in the photo medium or paint medium is an area that has always interested me. For me it is about empathizing with the sitter in order to tell their story.