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Artist’s Statement
I have a wide scope of creative interests as an artist. They span from my studies as an art student in painting, drawing and printmaking to photography (both fine art and commercial). But painting and drawing are my main focus. In this work I explore a narrative, realistic genre, relying frequently with portraiture and the figure. It is also typical of my painting and drawing to work in a series. This creates a framework to continue the ideas and the dialog between the paintings. Some of the series include; “17 Hedgeway Court”, which was a portrait of my late Great Aunt in the form of intimate paintings of the interior of her house, to “Night and Day” which were diptychs public and private worlds of people, to “Cross Roads” which used the child’s game of Tic-Tac-Toe to address the issues of choice and fate. Thematic material comes from books, music, the news or art work by other artists.

In my photographic work, my interests are primarily in landscape as an abstract construct or movement, as in dance. Commercially, I’ve done a lot of copy work, documenting other artist’s pieces as well as promotional photography for non-for-profit groups, like Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music in Nelson, NH.

The most exciting artistic endeavor for me currently is the combination of my photography work with my painting and drawing. I’ve made photographic prints on large paper that I’ve then drawn or painted on top of. The first step is to create a collage that comes from the initial idea for the work using other photographic sources or things that I assemble physically. With Hi-Res photography, I digitize the collage and print it out on either paper or canvas to later work on top of in more traditional media.

Returning to painting, part of my creative process is to explore those older techniques of egg tempera, casein painting, encaustic or even fresco. As old as these techniques are, they still can have a 21st Century relevance in art. I intend to continue exploring these old and new medias with my ideas for creating new work.